The project Stop discrimination on labour market

The project aims to curtail violation of human rights of parents and future parents, including specific groups of parents who are discriminated or endangered by discrimination on labour market because of their parental role.

 The project reacts to insufficient support of parents on labor market and increasing number of discrimination cases. By providing advisory services and publishing a brochure for parents summarizing legislation with emphasis on discrimination the project will hit over 8000 people from the whole Czech Republic and the impact will exceed even the duration of the project. Through the whole project APERIO will cooperate with 2 experienced Norwegian NGOS: JURK offering legal councelling for women and Voksne for Barn, providing services for parents. This will lead to the transfer of know-how in counselling against discrimination from Norway to CZ. Another part of the project is an internal development of APERIO, that will contribute to the objectives of the project. 

The project Stop discrimination on labour market

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.,

Project promoter

APERIO - Společnost pro zdravé rodičovství


Plzeňská 846/66, Praha, zip code 15000

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Stanislava Staňková



Partners in Norway

JURK  (Juridisk Rådgivning for kvinner = Legal Advice to Women) 
Voksne for Barn